Women are much more selective than men in choosing a life partner. Someone is looking for a father’s line in a partner, for someone perspectives are important, and some find their own other half by smell.

By father

The opinion is very popular that women prefer men who are like their fathers. If even at an early age the relationship with her father did not work out, in the end the girl still prefers a man who looks like her parent. Is this true and what caused a similar choice? Thanks to this, see the link chuck vance

According to a professor of psychology at the University of Otterbein (Columbia) — it’s all about the so-called «familiarity syndrome.» Frankly speaking, people begin to love what they see around them every day, what they are used to. Since dad in most cases is considered the first man a child meets and who is close to him since childhood, he unconsciously builds up into an ideal. It’s familiar with him, which means comfortable. Thanks to this, when a woman selects a man who is similar to her father, she is looking for the comfort and reliability to which she was accustomed at a young age. This rule also applies to stepfathers who have lived with the child since childhood.
There is another simple scientific explanation for this phenomenon. According to physician Linda Boothroyd, similar people are better suited to each other genetically. These couples are more productive, and their children’s gene pool is better than that of their peers. Nevertheless, we are talking only about the relationship of similar people, but for nothing, not about relatives.

By masculinity

Recent studies have shown that women taste for men throughout their lives. Moreover, this is due not so much to experience in life or age, but to hormonal levels. According to psychologist Christina Durant of the University of Texas, during ovulation, women prefer more masculine men, muscular macho, impudent and bullies. And, on the contrary, in the postpartum period, men with very soft facial features are in the very center of attention. According to a study conducted by scientists at the School of Natural Sciences in Stirling, England, the latter show more caring for the child than men with masculine features. The higher the level of testosterone a man has, the less time he spends with the child, and the less he is willing to do it.

According to evolutionary theory

Those who believe that appearance is absolutely not important for women are fundamentally making mistakes. The choice of a woman is based on her subconscious perception of a partner as a potential father of her child. Because of this, when it comes to physical attractiveness or a healthy body, women can be more demanding than the most fastidious men. After all, the better the candidate, the more advantages his descendant will have.

By ambition and potential

And yet in today’s society, a person’s public place, his aspirations and achievements are of great importance than appearance. According to research conducted by researchers from the University of Concordia (Canada), the potential of a partner and even his ambition in the eyes of a woman gives him more advantages than just a slim figure or face, which, by the way, are the main selection criteria in the case of men.

The significance of status in society is so great that many of the fair sex prefer life in abundance to a sultry romantic relationship with a wealthy and successful, but often already elderly partner. In most cases, this behavior is perceived badly by society, the woman is accused of greed and commercialism. However, this prudent choice again did not go without caring for future children. A woman is looking not for wealth, but for a worthy support, for someone who can provide her and her children with living conditions suitable for her requirements. Thanks to this, status, intelligence, prospects and ambitions are for many women the most basic criteria in their search for their own other half.

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